The Next Generation of LED Installation

VER’s expert LED team will ensure your architectural vision becomes a stunning reality. We develop custom solutions for projects small, large and spectacular starting with engineering through fabrication, installation and service.

When coupled with our award-winning M8 Processing Platform, our fixed installation offerings enable a vast set of features, from full 4K workflow and system monitoring to precise color control and superior visual performance. We provide creative indoor and outdoor solutions for every budget and application in a wide variety of pixel pitch ranges, including ultra-fine 4K and 8K panels to medium and low resolution. Let our expert team create your extraordinary immersive experience.

Say Hello to Joe Viola

Joe Viola is a Display Specialist, having spent over 20 years evolving with the industry.  Starting in the business when CRT projectors and monitors were the standards, Joe has been an integral part of

Say Hello to Debbie Febriany

Debbie Febriany brings 11 years experience to the VER LED Install team. A key member of the team, Debbie takes on several important roles that keep the department functioning like a well-oiled machine. As

Say Hello to Martin Crawford

With 25 years of experience, Martin is VER’s Service Director for LED Install projects. It’s his mission to completely understand client needs, ensure the correct parts and software are always available, and maintain systems

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