Shoot for the Stars!


It’s another proprietary exclusive: 35LIVE! A new and innovative cine workflow in a multi-camera broadcast environment:

35mm Multi-Cam Production

Film-style, large sensor camera systems are the key to the look and feel of this solution. Rick Carpenito has led our specialty team through many successful, high-profile live event productions, where the look and feel of cinema meets the power and immediacy of broadcast television. 35LIVE! is a proprietary VER technology, and a one-of-a-kind, complete cine/broadcast Fly-Pack solution. You won’t find this one anywhere else!

… or, contact Rick Carpenito for full details and specs


VER Digital Cinema • 35LIVE! 35mm Multi-Cam Production • Enhanced Environments • Augmented Reality

Say Hello to Joey Lopez

Joey cofounded VER’s 35LIVE! experience, providing multi-cam cinema broadcast service to some of the largest live events worldwide, including U2, Gwen Stefani, and Kevin Hart.

PIECE OF ADVICE: The possibilites are endless.

Say Hello to Mark Belhumeur

Meet Mark Belhumeur. An Award-winning filmmaker and commercial film editor, Mark built the first 24P HD truck, and has multi-cam live credits for Muse, Lady Gaga, Louis C.K., and countless other acts.

35LIVE! - Featured Work