Shoot for the Stars!

AVAILABLE ONLY AT VER, it’s another proprietary exclusive: 35LIVE! A new and innovative cine workflow in a multi-camera broadcast environment. Film-style, large sensor camera systems are the key to the look and feel of this solution. Rick Carpenito has led our specialty team through many successful, high-profile live event productions, where the look and feel of cinema meets the power and immediacy of broadcast television. 35LIVE! is a proprietary VER technology, and a one-of-a-kind, complete cine/broadcast Fly-Pack solution. You won’t find this one anywhere else!

Say Hello to Joey Lopez

Joey cofounded VER’s 35 Live service, providing multi-cam cinema broadcast service to some of the largest live events worldwide, including U2, Gwen Stefani, and Kevin Hart.

PIECE OF ADVICE: The possibilites are endless.

Say Hello to Mark Belhumeur

Meet Mark Belhumeur. An Award-winning filmmaker and commercial film editor, Mark built the first 24P HD truck, and has multi-cam live credits for Muse, Lady Gaga, Louis C.K., and countless other acts.

Say Hello to Morgan Kellum

Meet Morgan Kellum. Ten years ago Morgan and partner Rick Carpenito founded the cinema multi-cam division at VER. The two of them developed VER’s proprietary 35 Live, providing multi-cam cinema-level broadcast service to the

35LIVE! - Featured Work