Say Hello to Anthony Saracino

“My goal? Well, that would be to keep doing what I love and continue to work in a great industry filled with amazing people…”


And that is exactly what Anthony is doing, right now, at VER. After he graduated from Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) with a theatre arts and communications degree, he jumped right in to freelancing with lighting companies and became a project manager with Shine Lighting. From there, he moved to Nationwide Video, working in their rental department and ultimately opening and managing their Secaucus Branch. But, enough about his fling with the competition … five years ago he made his best career move: joined VER doing sales and rentals in our New York office and then, moved to the Secaucus shop to lead the projection team as the region became a serious VER HUB. Next stop: Philly! And a new role as Engineering Manager and now, Operations Manager.


“The great thing about VER, is that everyday is different – some days you are QC-ing gear and some days it’s a heavy Ops day … guess you can say we wear many hats here!”




PIECE OF ADVICE:  Get everything done today that you can, you never know what you might be hit with tomorrow. Our industry is like the ocean – with each wave that hits, the entire ocean floor could move!

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