Say Hello to Chance Stahlhut

Meet Chance Stahlhut. In 1999, Chance found himself in the back of a van riding around the country mixing monitors for a major Christian rock band. He found his passion – providing musicians with crisp monitors, and the perfect mix. “Every piece of audio equipment was tested, and optimized for each venue. You’ve got one shot. When the talent hits that first note, it has to be perfect.” said Chance.

Chance spent 11 years touring the world for Clair Global, before joining VER in 2012 helping launch the VER Tour Sound division. “The Tour Sound division had a mission from the beginning: every day do it better than every other company, and never stop reinventing what made you better. That’s what makes us successful to this day.” Rising through the ranks, Chance is now Director of Audio Production Services at VER. We’re proud to have him on the team.

PRODUCTION CREDITS: Paul McCartney, Phish, Rush, Garth Brooks, MTV VMA’s, Dierks Bentley, Radio City Christmas Spectacular

PIECE OF ADVICE: “Every person you encounter on your job is a customer regardless of status, role, or position and they should always be treated as such.”

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