Say Hello to Cristian Reyes

“Yeah, it’s been 23 years – I was the second one hired back in 1996 at the original VER in Glendale – a little storefront shop in a strip mall. And, you know – from that first day forward, it’s been a wild ride and the best, most exciting and educational two decades of my life!”

Cristian was there, in the very beginning – doing whatever was necessary to make this new, little company called Video Equipment Rentals (or VER) a great customer experience and, eventually, the biggest production equipment rental resource in the world. In those early days, he wore many hats, tackling a variety of logistical work and general operational responsibilities.

“In those days, we did a lot of small gigs where we had to deliver the gear, set it up and then, tear it down, pack it up and hit the road for the next stop.  In just a few years, since the company was growing so quickly, I gained enough experience to take on a number of promotions and was able to relocate, as needed, to help expand our services into new markets and cities.”


As a result, Cristian has worked in VER’s Las Vegas, Dallas, Phoenix, and Orange County depots in both Operations and Engineering roles. Today, Cristian is stationed in San Diego, California, where he works in the VER QC Department (since 2008). There, he gets to use all the knowledge gained and is able to put hands on many different types of gear, ranging from projection equipment, to cameras, video processors, and so much more.

“For me, the possibilities are endless at VER – always have been. Right now, I have the privilege of being able to coach and mentor my  coworkers in this department and share the knowledge so, at the end of the day, we serve our clients with the best customer service and high-quality gear that has been thoroughly performance tested – testing that is the result of many years of hands-on experience.”


Pictured: Cris with his now-framed, original-issue, 1996 Vintage VER shirt.


23+ years – and, all at VER!


If you are offered an opportunity to grow and gain knowledge – take it! Learn all you can, when you can and then, put your knowledge to practical use – in the shop, in the field and in your life. The possibilities are endless!

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