Say Hello to Fernando Rodriguez

Fernando is a QC TECH 1 within VER’s AV organization (Secaucus, New Jersey branch) and leads a Hardware Department with poles, bases, casters and many other case and general hardware accessories. This positioning  affords him the opportunity to repair heavily damaged (from excessive road work or long months on concert tours and such) inbound shipping cases. He is very proud of his work and, he loves his job.


I’ve fixed  more than 150  cases since I’ve been with VER [October 2016] and I’m very happy and proud of the  work that goes into the repairs –  like I always say, everytime I finish a repair, or a complete a client order: I Love My Job!


Fernando really embodies the VER ‘Can Do’ spirit – he is positive and helpful and, he delivers – every single day. He sees his co-workers as his ‘family’ and always puts the client first. And, as you may have imagined by now, he Loves His Job!  




“Always think positive and be positive with your work, family and life – never think that something is impossible to do – because it’s not … anything can be accomplished as long as you put your heart and soul, hard work, effort and dedication into your tasks and goals. Oh, and did I mention that I Love My Job?


3 Years (“…but it feels like 30! I Love My Job!”)

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