Say Hello to Jesse Bayer

NAME: Jesse Bayer

DEPARTMENT: AV, very heavy on the Video. Jesse has the closest thing to a photographic memory when it comes to things in our inventory. Needless to say, Jesse is often asked by colleagues “what’s the name of that thing that does this?” He knows the answer 99.99% of the time, every time.

BACKGROUND: Ever since running his filmstrip projector in 3rd grade Jesse has been hooked on AV; he still prefers cues in 1khz tone. Since then, Jesse has built his career from the ground up, starting in warehouse fulfillment, followed by a truck driver, stagehand, lighting tech, sound guy, the half-deaf guy who became a better video guy. Project manager. Consultant. Rental Agent. He now holds the fancy title Director of Corporate AV. In this new position, Jesse will help expand VER’s Corp-AV business; making new inventory investments and increasing operational efficiency. 

CREDITS:  rooftop gigs, boat gigs, museum gigs, park gigs, 5th Ave. retail gigs, street gigs, celebrity private listening gigs, hospital gigs, install gigs, abandoned warehouse gigs, parade gigs, off-off-Broadway gigs, FLOTUS gigs, and too many Manhattan ballrooms to count gigs.

PIECE OF ADVICE: Gear is gear, good relationships are 99% of what we do.



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