Say Hello to Kathaleen Hervey

Kathaleen started her career in the AV industry in 1983 working for AVW Audio Visual, now Freeman AV. Moving up the ranks from hotel services support, to inside sales representative and on to Exhibit Show Manager, provided a rewarding 13- year experience before moving to the Broadcast rental industry as Rental Manager at Bexel Broadcast in Dallas, for four years. Then, VER offered an opportunity to get back into the heart of the staging market to help provide a true ‘one stop shop’ approach.


“Having 35+ years in the rental industry never seems to get old for me. I love this business, the customers, and all the challenges and rewards that it brings. To see a fully executed show from start to finish, and knowing that I had a part in making that happen for my client, is the most rewarding experience.”


“Stay close to the client and the job … stay with it all the way! By being a part of the process of a major production, you actually become the process – start to finish, you were there every step of the way and, when the curtain comes down, you are so glad that you stayed with it – there is nothing like that feeling of complete accomplishment.”


Let’s just say “Over 35 years in the Industry …”

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