Say Hello to Michael Pappas

Meet Michael Pappas. Since 2012, VER Manufacturing Manager Mike Pappas has taken great pride in the creation and provision of specialized client-driven, made-on-demand solutions. 

“We adapt our custom applications, piece by piece, to match the overall creative vision of the producers” says Pappas, “… this modern, state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing facility performs both subtractive  and additive manufacturing, often starting with raw stock / any material and, through the use of calculated design with CAD / CAM technology, removes material from the original piece of stock, much like sculpting, until a custom-made end-use product is achieved.”

With the ability to customize and produce innovative new designs and product on demand, the CNC Shop has become a valuable asset to the VER world family, with Vertical Milling Centers and Live Tooling Lathe equipment to cover all possible aspects of specific development needs. With a continuous drive to extend VER’s manufacturing capabilities and remain the most innovative company in the industry, Mike and his Machine Shop team push the limits of what’s possible to help bring client vision to extraordinary reality.

PIECE OF ADVICE: “Every day should be a day of improvement, both professionally, as well as personally.”


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