VER invests in its clients and our LED Calibration rooms are proof of that.  These unique rooms ensure our incredibly diverse inventory of LED panels are kept at the highest standards of quality and uniformity possible.

No detail was spared in designing our four calibration rooms. Black ceiling tiles and walls, matte black epoxied floor and magnetic curtains block out all ambient light.  Customized software allows panels to be calibrated to the individual LED level. State-of- the-art colorimeters, custom panel jigs, and a temperature acclimation zone ensure the best possible panel uniformity is achieved. All of this is supported by a knowledgeable staff of technicians who are passionate about producing the best for our clients.

Randy Will, Clockwork Productions

“VER and its employees are an awesome partner in this crazy business.”
– Randy Will, Clockwork Productions


“I had a large JBL audio system set up and during systems check, the software for the new system was not working. VER provided insight and experience to suggest the course of action to correct the issue. VER saves the day again!”

S.C.Hunt, Independent Audio Engineer


“I just want you to know how grateful we are for VER. You guys are all the very best and consistently provide us with premium, high-quality customer service!”

Re’Ney Duke, PSAV®