Professionals who take advantage of our 24/7 Cineverse® service prep facilities have access to the largest inventory of cameras and lenses in the world in addition to all other VER products and services including lighting, audio, rigging, and custom LED enhanced environments. From thoughtful design to in-house expert technicians and engineers, the six camera prep facilities were created to meet the unique needs of the production community.

In addition to prep facilities in Chicago and New Orleans, we recently opened state-of-the-art centers in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Miami and a massive space on the West Side of New York City.

We are committed to the production community and continually make large investments in our equipment, facilities and people to show just how much.


Doug Nicely

“We look for Partners who provide unparalleled service and we knew we had found that in VER.

They tirelessly work to make sure you get the package you want and that the equipment works when it is delivered. Their facility is designed with their clients’ needs in mind.”

Doug Nicely

Leo Jaramillo

“Can’t say thank you enough. I’ve shot four Alexa jobs through VER and they just keep ramping up!

My 1st AC and Captain of my Camera Department thanks you as well.  Last night we wrapped a music video four hours early. Producers were thrilled, the director was thrilled, and the crew was thrilled.”

Leo Jaramillo

Moe Bardach, ABC

“VER has listened to the needs of the production community and has created the premiere prep space in

New York City. This new center will provide tremendous support to those of us in the production community”

Moe Bardach, Producer