Give The Crowd An Experience

Planning concerts, tours, and festivals requires reliable partners that can execute a massive amount of equipment, logistics & services, with no room for error. Get the most technologically advanced equipment from lighting, video, audio, LED, media servers, rigging and stage design. Whether your crowd is in a small amphitheater, a large church or a mega stadium, make sure they get a unique and memorable experience by working with a partner that preps, tests, and executes your live event experiences. Dream big, knowing that VER can make it a reality, with custom concert equipment, and a team dedicated to creating exceptional, reliable, and repeatable designs.

Aaron Cooke, Live Live Media

“There were also a lot of logistical and engineering challenges that we encountered … fortunately, VER supported us throughout that entire process to make it happen.”

-Aaron Cooke, Executive Producer

Bill Bradshaw, CMA

“I have a GREAT experience working with VER …”

-Bill Bradshaw, Supervising Producer

Marjorie Gilberg

“I have been a repeat customer of VER. Each time, I am impressed by the professionalism of the entire team — from rental agent to delivery crew. Also, when we have had problems with the equipment, VER was prompt in replacing it and or finding a quick fix that was a satisfactory solution. Thanks VER!”

-Marjorie Gilberg, House of Blues …