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Reliable Equipment. Reliable Team.

  Our enormous quantity and variety means we offer endless options. Microphones, mix monitors, mixing systems, control surfaces, loudspeakers, channels, XLR cables, fiber, inputs, outputs, and more. And what we don’t have, we make—because that’s just what we do. We have superior logistics. We can get gear anywhere in the world in a flash. Plus, we custom-package each order, making set-up and breakdown a snap. We have first-rate technicians for every single element of audio, from PA ballroom design to stadium tours. Our crew and vast selection of equipment is available for all projects big and small—24/7, 365.

Say Hello to Cristian Reyes

… or, how about Employee #2?! That’s right, back in 1996, Cristian was the second employee hired to the newly formed VER.

Say Hello to Douglas Plander

Douglas started as a Studio Audio Engineer, but quickly moved to live sound while spending eight years in the United States Navy Music Program, as both a tuba player and a live sound engineer.

Say Hello to Frank Fehrenbach

A veteran of the Hotels and Staging industry, Frank Fehrenbach, is the Vice President of Market Planning and Sales Execution for VER’s Hotel and Staging business. He is a long time player in the Hotel

Say Hello to John Campanelli

As a Production Assistant at CBS News in New York City, John’s career began with a production and technology base and this led him to a 12-year journey into the world of hotels and

Say Hello to Michael “Woody” Dunwoody

17 years ago Woody entered the local LA market as a freelance audio tech ready to take on the world.  After attending school in Orlando, FL Woody went to work for a large sound company

Say Hello to Joe Casanova

Joe started out as a VER client, and after expressing a need for more audio equipment, was quickly recruited to become a cofounder of the Audio Division. “When I first started at VER all

Say Hello to Jason Brace

Like most in the Audio industry, Brace found his way to live audio through being a musician in a local band.  The need for someone to operate the bands audio system led him to a career

Say Hello to Chance Stahlhut

In 1999, Chance found himself in the back of a van riding around the country mixing monitors for a major Christian rock band. He found his passion – providing musicians with the crisp monitors,

Say Hello to Marian Mast

Meet Marian Mast. With 11 years of experience in audio engineering & prep, Marian hard work has contributed to classic shows such as Gladys Knight, Joe Cocker, Busta Rhymes, corporate events such as IBM,

Say Hello to Mo Eddie Harbin

Mo is a technician, engineer, project manager and account manager on a nearly endless list of corporate A/V, broadcast and concert events. Mo is a technician, engineer, project manager and account manager on a nearly

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