It’s not work. It’s passion.

  When it comes to cameras, you can call all the shots. That’s because VER’s Camera division stocks the world’s most comprehensive camera inventory. The biggest range found anywhere from 4k to 35mm. High-speed digital capture, low noise, up to 14 stops. Anamorphic, spherical, and large-format optics. And everything is available at lower cost due to our volume and variety of projects.   Plus, we package for performance. No one else aggregates products in a system like we do. Just witness our revolutionary VERsa Pak. You will be instantly production-ready, whether you’re filming a feature or a local sporting event.   The reason we work so hard for you? Pure passion for performance. Our specialized expertise, custom engineering, and six separate camera prep facilities located throughout the country means we can and will create solutions for any filming condition you have in mind.
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Say Hello to John Campanelli

As a Production Assistant at CBS News in New York City, John’s career began with a production and technology base and this led him to a 12-year journey into the world of hotels and

Say Hello to Carl Cook

Carl began working in the television production industry just after graduating with a degree in Communications and Media. Over the past 20 years, Carl has held many different positions within the New York production

Say Hello to Vince Pace

As a creative Director of Photography and technical designer, Vince has created technology for six major theme parks, thirty major feature films (three of which won the Academy Award for Cinematography), twelve concert films,