Lighting innovators

  VER Lighting will illuminate your creativity in all that you do, from a local corporate event to a global concert tour. Our strong background in design support and production positions us as the natural leaders in Lighting.  Creative Designers are motivated to keep innovating—which means we revolutionize right along with them. With the deepest inventory in the lighting field and a network of global locations, we can help you create any atmosphere, anywhere and everywhere. VER Lighting specializes in the latest lighting technology; brighter, lighter, faster, pixel-map-able, fiber connectivity and much more.  Backed up by a large staff of experienced lighting professionals who help you know exactly which techniques and designs will shine for you!
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Say Hello to Cristian Reyes

… or, how about Employee #2?! That’s right, back in 1996, Cristian was the second employee hired to the newly formed VER.

Say Hello to Frank Fehrenbach

A veteran of the Hotels and Staging industry, Frank Fehrenbach, is the Vice President of Market Planning and Sales Execution for VER’s Hotel and Staging business. He is a long time player in the Hotel

Say Hello to John Campanelli

As a Production Assistant at CBS News in New York City, John’s career began with a production and technology base and this led him to a 12-year journey into the world of hotels and

Say Hello to Kathaleen Hervey

“I love this business and all of the challenges/rewards that come with it – knowing that I had a part in making a great show happen for my client, is my best experience!”