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  VER Lighting will illuminate your creativity in all that you do, from a local corporate event to a global concert tour. Our strong background in design support and production positions us as the natural leaders in Lighting.  Creative Designers are motivated to keep innovating—which means we revolutionize right along with them. With the deepest inventory in the lighting field and a network of global locations, we can help you create any atmosphere, anywhere and everywhere. VER Lighting specializes in the latest lighting technology; brighter, lighter, faster, pixel-map-able, fiber connectivity and much more.  Backed up by a large staff of experienced lighting professionals who help you know exactly which techniques and designs will shine for you!
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Say Hello to Rob Kurtz

Robby found a love for production lighting when he started at a local company in Fresno, CA. From there he went on to concert touring, trade shows, corporate events, and working a few years

Say Hello to Susan Tesh

Meet Susan Tesh. Susan is the Executive Director of VER’s Global Lighting Division, including production support, advanced pre-visualization simulation, and creative convergence across Lighting, LED, Video and Screens Control to help customers and their

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