We hold ourselves to a higher standard.

  Yes, every one of our rigging jobs is unique, a near-impossible feat. Yes, we purpose-build custom webs of chains, cranes, lifts, jacks, and hoists for each show. But the most important thing to VER’s Rigging Division isn’t spectacle. It’s safety.   We value predictability and reliability above all else. In fact, we’re the safest in the industry. How do we achieve this gold standard? One, we always have the newest gear, because equipment changes with use over time. Newer pieces work as expected. Two, even during their short lifespans, we keep every hook, line, shackle, turnbuckle, weld, and truss in pristine condition, exceeding manufacturer guidelines in inspecting link by link.   Three, we’ve built a staff of extraordinary expertise—our team lead has personally worked on over 15,000 live events. And four? We’ve placed experts for every single facet of rigging in all of our locations, so that we always staff the right people trained to the VER standards. Every single job. Every single time.
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And that is exactly what Anthony is doing, right now, at

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“I love this business and all of the challenges/rewards that come with it – knowing that I had a part in making a great show happen for my client, is my best experience!”

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