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  Video is where it all started for us more than thirty years ago. We built our business on doing whatever it took to get the job done. While technology has changed, our commitment to our clients hasn't. We know you want the latest gear, and it has to be available when you need it, so we buy everything new and we buy a lot. We have an incredible amount of inventory worldwide but we are never limited by it. If what we have doesn't suit your requirements, no problem, we’ll work with you and custom-build something to fit your project. Our culture is one where there's always a solution and video is pretty close to our hearts. We have a history of being relentless in getting you the video gear and expertise you need - and that's not about to change.  

Say Hello to Mark Belhumeur

Meet Mark Belhumeur. An Award-winning filmmaker and commercial film editor, Mark built the first 24P HD truck, and has multi-cam live credits for Muse, Lady Gaga, Louis C.K., and countless other acts.

Say Hello to Jimi Croker

Meet Jimi Croker. With a background in tour, concert, festival, corporate, sports, and e-sport event production, Jimi’s LED/video production project management experience means shows like The Grammys, and Taylor Swift “1989” tour don’t have

Say Hello to Dhanendra Patel

Meet Dhanendra Patel. Patel worked for Ikegami Electronics as Senior Camera Engineer supporting both STUDIO and ENG cameras. Patel then joined Sony Electronics as Senior Camera Specialist and went on to become Senior Product

Say Hello to Vince Pace

As a creative Director of Photography and technical designer, Vince has created technology for six major theme parks, thirty major feature films (three of which won the Academy Award for Cinematography), twelve concert films,

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