Our R&D division takes your show needs seriously. Several years ago, we realized that existing products don’t always line up with what’s needed to make an extraordinary event or show happen. That’s when we decided to create our own research and development team to evaluate products, create cohesive systems, and develop proprietary solutions catered to the rigors of the production world.

From small camera accessories and connectors to 4K video processing and large rigging structures, our R&D lab and manufacturing facility allow us to offer you the best of the best. Our focus on rapid deployment across all product disciplines is our strength, and in turn, your secret weapon.

Say Hello to Ritchie Argue

Ritchie brings 12 years’ experience developing real-time image processing and LED distribution systems. As the lead developer of the award-winning Revolution Display M8, Ritchie’s knowledge of manufacturing video wall processors ensures each feature, in every


“The speed at which we can innovate and the speed at which we can create things for our customers is lightning fast.”