All You Need From Real Time to Showtime

With 2,800 cameras, 90 engineers, and infinite light and LED stage designs, VER’s Television division is like firepower for your production team.

With 33 offices worldwide, six Camera Prep Centers, and a disciplined approach to logistics, we close ranks behind your team and do whatever it takes to support them. From concept to completion, live broadcast to scripted drama, global sports arena to far-flung locations, we have you covered.

No job is too big or too small, and there’s no such thing as too many moving parts. We display this commitment to you every minute of every production day. And we do it on time and on budget, time and time again.

Aaron Cooke, Live Live Media

“There were also a lot of logistical and engineering challenges that we encountered … fortunately, VER supported us throughout that entire process to make it happen.”

-Aaron Cooke, Executive Producer

Brian Powers, PMTV

“We have over 500 rental companies nationwide in our database, VER is our 1st call or email always. The VER staff provides exceptional service, are fast, accurate, and patient.”

-Brian Powers, PMTV

Television Solutions

“It is nice to have VER to take the stress off of where the gear is, what kind of gear you’re getting, and what shape it’s going to be in. They’re always working miracles.”