Customizable Mobile Trucks

Flex Solutions is a broadcast service, specializing in HD multi-purpose Support Units and equipment rental. The support units can accommodate any type of facility ranging from Media Server, Remote Production, Edit Facilities, Reality Show Productions, and Operations Trailers. All mobile units have an HD infrastructure with mulit-viewing monitoring and routing and can be modified to meet the needs of specific productions.

We are able to deliver a packaged solution in a mobile environment which saves time and money related to setup and shipping.


Flex 2 – A 53’ expanding trailer with a back storage area and lift gate. This multi-purpose unit can serve as a fully functional support unit with HD viewing and monitoring throughout. Two flex rooms are single front bench with wall monitors.

Flex 2 Layout

Flex 3 – This 50’ single expanding unit delivers the “VIP” treatment. The main viewing room contains three  65” viewing monitors and also monitors Dolby 5.1. Its Finished with custom cabinetry and a built-in stainless steel refrigerator. There are also two private executive offices featuring coffee bars and stainless refrigerators.


Flex 4 – Clients love this 53’ single expanding support Unit. Large and spacious, this unit can be used for full production shows due to its unique featured rooms, edit suites, specialized technology and sub-mix rooms.

Flex 4 Layout

Flex 6 – This is a 48’ single sxpanding unit with movable walls that make it easy to customize to specific production needs.


Flex 6 Layout

Flex 7 ––This 53’ double expanding ops trailer is built with 4K infrastructure and featuresoperating stations for up to twenty four.  An enclosed conference room in the center of the unit with windows on both sides makes this a unique “Mobile Production” space arena.

Flex-7 (1)

Flex 8 – This 50’ stage truck is an excellent platform for mixing broadcast with sponsorship opportunities. Formed from a stage platform, this unit works well as a “host position.”

FLex 8 Layout

Flex 10 – This is a double expanding 53’ trailer with space to facilitate multiple broadcasts. With 24’ width, and ample floor space, this can accommodate multiple scaled shows.


Say Hello to David Husney

BACKGROUND: Co-Executive Director for Flex Solutions. Our vision began with the launch of Thursday Night Football 12 years ago. Realizing the needs of this new and innovative broadcast, we utilized our experiences in the

Darrin Contessa

“I know I can count on VER to deliver the best customer service whether it is from our main contact or the many warehouse managers. I have had an excellent experience with VER which is why when other rental companies contact me I always let them know that I am good, I get my equipment from VER and I …

Brian Powers

“We have over 500 rental companies nationwide in our database, VER is our 1st call or email always. The VER staff provides exceptional service, are fast, accurate, and patient.”

-Brian Powers, PMTV

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“VER is providing the technical equipment for the production areas as well as the LED wall and tickers on the set … a Green Hippo media server maps images from the control room out to the LED screen and tickers. It can take multiple images and map them across the screen properly … it’s the best system out there …

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