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  Our LED division excels at innovative thinking and revolutionary design. With the largest, broadest inventory of LED in the world, including hundreds of proprietary products, and a manufacturing team that can make just about anything you need, there isn’t much we can’t do to find a solution to fit your vision.   Indoor? Outdoor? Stacking? Hanging? Don’t forget curving, anti-glare, and flexible. No matter which pixel pitch or density you’re searching for, you’ve already found it here. Experiential? Interactive? Groundbreaking? We’re as up for it as you are. And we always, always service even the smallest project with first-rate technical expertise for error-free execution, plus devotion to detail that goes above and beyond above-and-beyond.
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Say Hello to Jimi Croker

Meet Jimi Croker. With a background in tour, concert, festival, corporate, sports, and e-sport event production, Jimi’s LED/video production project management experience means shows like The Grammys, and Taylor Swift “1989” tour don’t have


Say Hello to Chris Peterson

Meet Chris Peterson. Over the course of 28 years, he’s mastered production experience in theatre, international touring, corporate productions, broadcast, and music industries. Utilizing LED, projection, and lighting, Chris designs some of the most

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